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Promoting the Agenda of Jesus Christ


At KCC, our mission is to promote the agenda of Jesus Christ and we do this through implementing ministries that are not only designed to bring the lost to salvation, but also disciple believers so they can continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a new member or looking for a new church home, we want you to get connected with KCC! You can find more information on our New Members Class below and the ministries we have to help continue your spiritual growth. We cannot wait to build the Kingdom of God with you!

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New Members Ministry is designed to equip new members with the knowledge and understanding of our governing biblical principles, in addition to becoming acquainted with our pastor. Members are taught foundational ideologies regarding our vision, mission, the role and responsibility of our pastor, a biblical perspective of tithes and offering, and the duty of the member through the infallible Word of God. Every session is interactive, relevant, and explanatory.

New Members Classes

• Session 1: Salvation Of The Believer

New members learn the foundational principle of Christianity – salvation. Participants have a greater understanding of what salvation is, how to get saved and how to be filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

• Session 2: Welcome To Our Family

New members gain an understanding of Kingdom Christian Church’s history, mission, vision, guiding principles and statements of belief, and also what it means to become a member of KCC.

• Session 3: Dedicated To Your Pastor

This session focuses on the role, responsibility, character, and heart of our pastor. New members learn about pastoral livelihood and ways to provide support to our pastor and the vision the Lord has given to him for our church.

• Session 4: Discipleship Is Essential

New members gain an understanding of the discipleship model at Kingdom Christian Church and ways to leverage resources available for continuous growth and discipleship. Participants learn the purpose and benefits of discipleship, the importance of connecting with a Discipleship Partner (DP), and how to create a discipleship plan to develop in four key domains: spiritual, physical, mental health, and financial.

• Session 5: Supporting Your Church

Participants learn about biblical tithes and offering, the importance of money in ministry and different types of giving. New members discover ways to become a greater financial support to the ministry.

• Session 6: Dedicated To Each Other

In this session, new members understand the importance of church membership and fellowship, how to maintain harmony in the church and biblical ways to resolve conflict in the ministry. Participants learn the blessing in upholding the spirit of agreement and maintaining unity within Kingdom Christian Church.

• Session 7: Getting Involved

New members discover ways to get involved at Kingdom Christian Church for continuous growth and discipleship. Participants learn about the various ministries available and opportunities available for greater support to the ministry.

• Session 8: Dedicated To Evangelism

In the final class, participants understand the importance of evangelism for the believer in these last days. New members learn what evangelism is and ways to effectively evangelize to others.

Any Questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

Preaching and teaching at KCC is consistently Biblically based and relevant. The messages are also more “meat” and less “milk”, yet always balanced and easy to understand. Our Pastor never compromises the truth of God’s Word and he always preaches with authority.


Yes, KCC places strong emphasis on youth ministry for children and youth of all ages. Youth only Bible study is available for youth ages 5 to 17. Additionally, Youth and Children’s church is held every 2 nd and 4 th Sunday. KCC also provides an atmosphere for youth to fellowship, make friends and have fun. Our youth ministry is designed to respond to the spiritual needs of youth while helping them to build trusting relationships with Jesus Christ.

At KCC, our goal is member retention.  We offer a well-rounded new members assimilation program that will help you to become acclimated to our church family.  We also have a warm and 
inviting family environment.  We hang our hat on making people feel loved.

The mission of KCC includes promoting the agenda of Jesus Christ within our community. Our evangelistic and outreach involvement includes pro-life efforts, serving at local shelters and feeding the hungry, among other initiatives. Our current “Grace Project” is our latest community initiative that will serve un-wed mothers who have made the right choice to give birth to their baby.

The reason we often refer to ourselves as a family church is because we truly have a culture of love and concern for one another. The members at KCC have each others best interest at heart and it shows in our methods of relating to one another.


KCC is an independent, non-denominational church. However, we do have healthy associations with other churches that are like-minded. We are a bible believing church. Please review our “statement of beliefs”.


The worship and praise at KCC is an astounding experience. People are “free” to express the love for God. The praise and worship team, as well as the musicians, are exceptional in their gifts and talent and in their ability to lead the church into the Presence of the Lord.

KCC is not just another church that formed because of someone’s ambition. KCC is called by God to “Promote the Agenda of Jesus Christ”.  We understand that we are in the last days and Jesus is soon to return.   We are a relevant church whose goal is to get people ready for the rapture. We are  also equipping our members to live in victory until Jesus returns.