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The Story of Kingdom Christian Church
Pastor & First Lady - KCC

Kingdom Christian Church was established under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our story began in the spring of 2010 with God’s commission to Pastor Rogers to “promote the agenda of Jesus Christ” in the city of Charlotte, NC. 

After much prayer and confirmation, the vision commenced with our first Bible study on Thursday, October 28 in the lobby of The Angel Gabriel Company and continued with our first worship service on Sunday, October 31 in the multipurpose room of Tuckaseegee Elementary School. There were more than 100 people in attendance that Sunday and Pastor Rogers’s first sermon for the opening service was “When God Gets the Glory”. Office space at The Angel Gabriel Company became a temporary home to our midweek Bible study; however, within one year the church had outgrown that space and the Lord blessed us to partner with a local church to accommodate our growth.

With a focus on evangelism, discipleship and leadership training, it was not long after our first service, that the LORD began to add to the church and our history grew. Ministry for married couples, singles, women, men, youth and entrepreneurs were established and our ministry became actively involved in weekly evangelistic outreach to neighborhoods, abortion clinics, local shelters and any other place where the Gospel needed to be represented. The LORD instructed our Pastor to have relevant ministries that serve people at all stages of spiritual development and to teach us how to promote His truth, be called to His service and share Him with others.

Within 4 years of our existence, during the winter of 2014, the LORD spoke to our Pastor that it was now time to expand the vision and build. Our Pastor shared with his wife what the LORD had spoken and with that one word from the LORD and strong faith, our Pastor began to search out the land to build the LORD a house. At the onset of Spring 2014, the LORD showed him 12 acres of land that belonged to us, our current location. He adopted the phrase “Boots on the Ground” to ready the church, performance and sustainability was added to our focus and we became equipped and ready to build God a house. The LORD blessed us to acquire our current property and our first worship service in our current building was held Sunday, November 13, 2016. With more growth thereafter came the need for space to accommodate discipleship and fellowship. In July 2020, through faith in God’s Word and financial stewardship, we completed the Kingdom Community Building, debt free, to the glory of God.

I love KCC because it is a ministry filled with love, integrity, and righteousness.

- E. Fulp

Meet Our Leaders

Dr. Gabriel Rogers

Senior pastor

Lady Stephanie Rogers

First lady