Morning Devotion: Will You Past the Test?

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Daniel and Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (commonly known as the 3 Hebrew boys) was
faced with the challenge of being offered the food from Babylon. This would be symbolic
of believers today being offered the world’s way or remedy. Of course Daniel and his team
refused the food and told the official to “test” them for 10 days. This was very risky, because
and Daniel and his friends did not perform well at the end of the ten days, the official would
have been killed, and Daniel and his comrads would have also been severely punished.
Needless to say, Daniel was faced with a “test.”
There were 3 three spiritual traits that Daniel took on to overcome this test:
1. Courage-Daniel is in the wicked Babylon, yet he speaks up. We as believers should be willing to speak up for our faith at any cost. This includes sharing the gospel of Jesus and spreading the good news of he hope that’s found only in him.
2. Endurance– Daniel endured the 10 day period of a restricted diet. In Daniels case it showed how the Spirit of God is able to intervene whenever we pull the flesh back. Daniel fasted these ten days and honored God, ultimately the endurance gave Daniel an edge.
3. Faith– Finally the main driving force of Daniel’s victory was his “faith.” Despite the fact that he would’ve gotten and offical excuted and possibly 3 others besides himself, Daniel stuck his kneck out in faith. Faith was a persistent pattern in Daniel and the 3 Hebrew Boys’ lives. In the case of the Lions Den and the Fiery furnace, these men respetively rufused to disown their God. Instead, they stood in faith and in both case, God showed up strong.
Conclusion: You might be in a crunch that is causing you to truly press forward in what you believe. Remain persistent in your confidence. Rest assured in the fact that God is going to give you victory in what you are believing for. Exercise these 3 components of Daniel’s life and I am sure that you will be pleased with the results.
God Bless you Family!

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