The purpose of the Kingdom Christian Church New Members Ministry is to equip new members with the knowledge and understanding of our governing biblical principles in addition to becoming acquainted with our pastor, Dr. Gabriel Rogers.  Members are taught foundational ideologies regarding our vision, mission, the role and responsibility of our pastor, a biblical perspective of tithes and offering, and the duty of the member through the infallible Word of God.  Every session is interactive, relevant, and explanatory.  Additionally, it is vital that new members complete all four sessions offered prior to functioning in various auxiliaries within Kingdom Christian Church.

After completion, each New Members Class will have an opportunity to have dinner with the Pastor.  This is a great opportunity to interact with our pastor, network with other new members, meet church leadership, and ask questions.

New Members Classes

  • Session 1: Getting to Know Kingdom Christian Church
  • Session 2: Pastoral Leadership
  • Session 3: Biblical Tithes and Offering
  • Session 4: Church Membership